Sprint Tri
(750 m swim – 20 Km bike – 5 Km run)

Olympic or International Tri
(1,500 m swim – 40 Km bike – 10 Km run)

70.3 Tri - Long Distance
(1,900 m swim – 90 Km bike – 21.1 Km run)

140.6 Tri - Ultra Long Distance
(3,800 m swim – 180 Km bike – 42.2 Km run)

IRONJUAN offers two different educational programs. A basic group triathlon program, and an intermediate/advance individual program called IRONJUAN Package.

  • Basic Triathlon Program
A 12-week program for beginners or intermediate athletes who want to race a Sprint, Olympic or Half Ironman distance. Weekly workouts are provided to your own free Training Peak account. This program offers the option to perform the workouts at 6:30 PM during weekdays with a group, or you can manage your own schedule. In addition, you will bike, run and do open water swim on Saturday monings.  IRONJUAN offers individual Basic Triathlon Program as well. Call  IRONJUAN for more info.

  • IRONJUAN Package
Monthly program with a minimum of 3 months sign-up. Package includes Functional Movement Screening (FMS) evaluation, Initial Consultation, one hour workout with  IRONJUAN for evaluation, free basic Training Peak account, personal weekly training plan, 2013 membership to the  IRONJUAN Team, swim, bike & run videos. New in 2013, one hour session with Power Meter to assess your bike power threshold and heart rate. Workouts are scheduled arind your time for training. Enjoy 20% discount in some Garmin Products.

Lastly, after one train with us, athletes can enjoy the  IRONJUAN Team, which meet every Wednesday and Saturday. Members will enjoy a monthly long run and long bike, with water stops and snacks. 2013 Membership only $50. Enjoy 20% discount in some Garmin Products.  
Race Distances
Educational Programs
New in 2015 - Ironjuan Long Brick

Every other weekend, IRONJUAN team will be inviting all the Houston tristhles to join us for a 50 mi bike and 6 mi run in Galveston, the Woodlands or Zube Park.

For detailed information contact IRONJUAN.

$5 per long brick, including SAG, food and bike tube if needed.

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